'Samaram' against Sex doctor

'Samaram' against Sex doctor

Sex doctor Dr Samaram, who created a sensation by resigning from Praja Rajyam Party alleging that there was no social justice in the party, is back in the news.

A large number of intellectuals in Vijayawada, under the banner of “Anti-Obscenity Forum” have started a movement against Samaram’s writing in various publications, spoiling the minds of youth.

Especially his column by name “Fantasies” in one of the Telugu weeklies is a vulgar description of sex and is allegedly misleading the people, the forum said.

The forum demanded banning of Samaram’s writings. However, there is a suspicion that this forum has the backing of Chiru fans, since Samaram recently joined the Congress and is attacking the PRP president. “His writings have been popular and educative among the people for the last three decades. Why is this agitation now,” they question.
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